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The Neurovation Center is for anyone seeking counseling care, relationship guidance, personal growth and long-term healing. We are a Top Tier provider of neurofeedback and neuroanalysis services, and a Leader in integrating traditional counseling care with advanced, non-invasive and safe neuroscience techniques. Our experienced staff receives consistently positive reviews for their warmth, friendliness and inspiration; our facility is a welcoming, immersive environment unlike anything you might expect; and our innovative approach to therapeutic health has a proven track record of successful outcomes. Come find out why The Neurovation Center is a wonderful choice for individual, couple, and family counseling care.


The delightful realization that change is a future reality. You just have to take that first step! We're here to walk with you.


Our steady, compassionate attendance to the wounds that hold you down. Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving? Our treatments are designed to restore you to wellness.


Finding that your life is becoming what you want it to be. Let's set you free to pursue joy, fulfillment, and connectedness flowing from a healthy and genuine "you."

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Our diverse range of professionals, tools and techniques allows us to personalize and individualize your care. Our goal is to help you find Hope, Healing and Wholeness where it matters most.


Neurofeedback is a game-changing advancement for mental health treatment. NFB is a safe, non-invasive and fun way to train your brain. It's not a game, though. It's the best and most effective treatment you've never heard of.

QEEG Analysis

The Quantitative EEG (QEEG) is a rapidly developing analysis tool used to evaluate a wide range of brain-based problems. QEEGs are revolutionizing the way we diagnose mental health disorders.


The Neurovation Center offers a wide range of counseling services for individuals, couples and families. Our experienced, licensed therapists structure each session to address your specific needs and goals.

Concussion Recovery

We offer the ability to log a visual baseline of a healthy brain to use as a comparison for situations where a concussion may have occurred. This comparison aids assessment and treatment for a faster recovery.

Trauma Therapy

The Neurovation Center treats trauma on multiple levels by combining QEEG-guided Neurofeedback, EMDR and several other methods proven to be effective.

NeuroInnovation Consulting

NeuroInnovation Consulting Services makes the expertise, style, and resources of TNC available to mental health professionals! Anyone interested in neurofeedback can gain personal, hands-on access to our staff, neuroanalysis services, BCIA and QEEG-D mentoring, psychology Internships, and business consulting.

Latest Videos

Keep up-to-date with Jeff Schutz and the NeuroTeam.


Welcome to the Neurovation Center! If you are new to us and interested in knowing more about neurofeedback, these 4 videos are designed for you!

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Brain Basics of Neurofeedback

Jeff answers your questions about the mechanism behind how neurofeedback works. There is a very clear correlation between the electrical rhythms of your brain and the problem symptoms associated with Anxiety, ADHD, Trauma and the like. We can see it all in an EEG!

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How Neurofeedback Works

In this session, Jeff dons the famous EEG cap and walks you through what a neurofeedback treatment session is like! You'll get a personal tour that demonstrates the neurofeedback loop between your brain, our computer, and the show you're watching.

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The NeuroTeam

Our experienced staff receives consistently positive reviews for their warmth, friendliness and inspiration.

Jeff Schutz
Owner and Executive Director
Laura E Schutz
Co-Owner; Accounting / Bookkeeping
Jason Higdon
Director of Office Administration
Lindsay K Higdon
Clinical Director of Neurofeedback and QEEG Analyst
Lynne Grande
Neuroanalyst; Services Coordinator
Diana Mille
Senior Trauma Clinician